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the mermaids kissed under the stars in the thick black water.

their bodies glowed in my eyes as they mingled and sang. sirens, singing me to sleep, to drown, in the never ending water. i could trace the stars with my thumb as they moved. (imagine, you’re alive for billions of years, knowing and seeing). the sirens sink to the deep thick bottom of the; river, lake, sea, ocean. their long hair sweeping their backs: burning their backs. burning constellations in their backs that i could trace with my thumb, nakedly, in the thick black; river, lake, sea, ocean, skies, galaxies. (imagine being alive for billions of years, until our galaxy collides with her). the sirens, the mermaids, they sing in the moon and the sea. they see what we don’t see. so i follow the mermaid and the constellations on her back as she brings me home to the sand dunes. shhhhh. hear the wasps and the crickets and the grains of sand moving against each other. the mermaids, they kiss in the water and i can see their skin glow, melding with the sky and moving into space. their skin watches the galaxies where they live. and they live; for millions of years, for billions of years and they kiss under the stars.

they see everything, the mermaids. with hair like trees of leaves. she tells me, shhhh. listen to the waves in the darkness and relax; the mermaids and their constellations in the river, lake, sea, ocean, galaxies.

the mermaid brought me to the sand dunes and gave me the sound of the water at night.
two very beautiful girls in love stirred me to write this while we were visiting the lake.


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i know, i know. all these promises to continuously write and read and praise that i can't always keep. so i won't promise again, i'll just give you some beautiful things to read, look at, and listen to in attempt to make up for it

enemy safety... and i love how your blood is like a lightning storm fain gentle and mythic
encroached with feet upon sand to print only, glimpse only, skeletons of light
blooming and buried oh! frightens at night; in spectral command the pulse that
quickens to drum through howls of beastly magic oh! fruitless endeavor... mine
only once before, and yours forever; a place that is never safe.
icarushis eyes were made of liquid gold
and hypnotizing like everything
i'm rushing around convincing myself
of how much i don't love him
but always catch myself wondering if
i, in fact, do
there's fragments of me
and there's bits of you
we're just swept glass under
the carpets
i know deep down i'm not even
close to being happy
but i've always been a fool
we fit like puzzle pieces
but the picture changes
every day
and i'm left breathless
and how
someone so difficult
like all the boys before
he hurts
i wait and try
and beg
for something
i know may never
but hard to give up
when it's all
i think i want
i'm counting the stars
while he's chasing
the sun
what happened to the
nights where we just
lay under the moon?
there will be blood
when you leave
and there will be blood
when i try to start
your heart
if you just helped
you wouldn't be
so close to the ground
but every time i try to
sew your wings back on
you fly off with what you
there will be
firstYou are what I see when I look in the mirror, every single night. It used to be love- that was what you and I were made up of, our cells fused together. Now, I think the distance has turned us into the same person.
You slip your dirty white v-neck over your head, you eat your microwaved food, you count the tiles on your kitchen floor.
I feed my baby, I throw on a baggy shirt, I wake my husband for work.
Wasn't this supposed to be us?
You smoke your cigarette in the living room, you look for the remote.
I sneak outside, I light my cigarette.
We inhale simultaneously, three thousand miles apart, different worlds.
You yell at the top of your lungs, wanting passion, a night to remember.
I tip-toe inside, careful not to wake my sleeping family, I only want eight solid hours of sleep.
But we are the same person, are we not?
You are on top of a beautiful black haired girl on this night, the alcohol whispers, "This is not the right girl. Who is this girl? Didn't we want another, where did she
fungibledecoding the coda
distracts from the glance
to chance a trance
code inked down her back
snowflakes from fingertips
rest, recoil and draw
the energy she's seen
in the space between
climbing only to fall
more than nothing
less than a whole
blood scattered across the globe
steps sunken into deserts, mountains, and rivers.
who had a touch like mine?
a voice like mine?
I come from a line of warriors, healers,
I come from a people of pain
shown not through my ancestral records
but the palms of my hands
the brown of my eyes.
safetyin awe
i watched
breath stilled
you strolled in fire
as if in verdant pasture
though exposed
were composed
holding close secrets
flame in your spell
dispelled all madness
you appeared ablaze
that they
who would care to
come near
would not dare to
what was real
remains veiled
   yet remembered
what was not
memory dimmed
   is regarded
in grace
you walked
strong - proud
you emerged unscathed
   a Phoenix
having realized you
my heart stays
in your care
so it abides
from this focused mind
gliding to yours
   one third Earth distant
love and reverence
past paths of divergence
my message
to hold in certainty
here and here-forward
   1 4 3 eternity
llp - sep2008
revision - feb2011 - dA
aug13/2011 - DLD
ink3 by iphigen paperi cannot sleep
i count a thousand paper cranes
and paper flowers
there's too much time to spare
in the middle of too little time
i wash my hair and clip my nails
i count to three
and stare at you staring back at me
sitting on piles of dirty clothes
making paper cranes
and paper flowers
Harlots of fire 28 by zedka rachisshe bent, over, spine bowed; kinked
to ensure, to see
the ground she walked upon
could support her
long, the rise, a trunk, arms
open; terpsichorean
the sky she longed for
above one risky, gamboling
structure, sound; not crisp
the streets, the tweets
avian songs and flights
so swift, though light-like falling
sweet, smooth; soundless
strong enough to die
she repeats, the bending from
sky, to ground beneath, to sky
:thumb192974744: UnknownI wouldn't have described you with a word like
fierce unless I actually knew the colour of your
Or perhaps something greater, something
Like a thought
About you about us about the way our legs
Absolute absolution,
Absolve me.
Cradle me there, yes there in the crook of
your neck.
Dear Poetry,I might be dangerously on the verge of being poetic, but-
Sometimes I don't feel me in my own skin.
I am too many breaks between pulses,
& a heart still living in the autumn of 99.
I'm telling stories about a girl.
A soul made of ink & godly metaphors,
too much for a non-homeostatic body.
There were once fireflies in her smile,
alight between the gaps in her teeth.
A rebel,
love letters carved into wrists
she never sent.
She is Porphyria, & you are her lover.

(i know! some of them are old old old but i haven't been around to revel in their beauty)

&Sounds:… [Blood by The Middle East]… [Home by Edward Sharpe & The Magnificent Zeros]… [Something Good Can Work by Two Door Cinema Club]… [Blue Spotted Tail by Fleet Foxes]… [Ho Hey by The Lumineers]… [Limit to your Love by James Blake]
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